Making Family Fitness Fun with these 3 Tips

  1. Do it together
    Kids love it when their parents join the game. So walk with them to the park, throw a Frisbee, fly a kite, or kick a ball around. You're more likely to keep at an activity if it's something you enjoy. Let them tag along as you play ball, fish, hike, camp, surf, or cycle. Kids enjoy making things, so set them a concrete goal, such as building a go-cart or clubhouse. This not only gets them moving, it brings about a sense of achievement.
  2. Tap the power of simplicity
    You don't need a garage full of sports equipment to have fun. The more structured an activity, the more likely a child's fickle attention span is to switch off. They'll get at least as much entertainment out of a ball (soccer, handball, basketball), a length of rope (skipping), a piece of chalk (hopscotch, sidewalk art) or nothing at all (leapfrog, hide-and-seek, tag).
  3. Create a routine
    Rather than trying to work "quality fitness time" into your family schedule—which can often get bumped as more urgent tasks take priority—add movement to everyday activities. If your children's pocket money is conditional on performing chores, for example, make the chores more activity-based (walking the dog, washing the windows or car, raking leaves or running errands). Don't drive them to social engagements; encourage them to walk or ride their bikes instead.
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