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Enjoy Dining Out
Sure, eating every single meal at home is one way to ensure you're the boss of your food
choices. But who lives that way? Most of us grab food on the go, eat out frequently with
work colleagues, or want to enjoy a nice restaurant meal with friends or family. Lining up
your SmartPoints® Budget is the first step to enjoying an on-plan restaurant meal. To
help you plan, you'll find some helpful dining-out ideas in the below articles and at your
weekly Workshops.
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Everything You Need to Know About Eating Italian Food on WW. Click link to read more Let's Go Out For...Mexican. Click link to read more
Everything You Need to Know About
Eating Italian Food on WW

Whether you're at the local pizza parlor or a
white-napkin establishment with a famous
chef, here's how to mangia bene.
Let's Go Out For...Mexican
Learn how to enjoy a Mexican meal without
going over your SmartPoints Budget.
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